Blog Party at Sabor’s In Town Center

We are going to have a little get together and drink some adult beverages and smoke a stogie or two to celebrate our “Best of Keller” award September 30’th at Sabor’s in Town Center.  We will also be settling a bet between a few readers on the performance of the Dow Jones Average for the month of September that night as well.  Probably start about 7:00 pm and end whenever Big Bob’s Credit Card gets maxed out.

All are invited to attend, whether you are a new reader or old.  You never know, a City Councilman or two may show up so you may have the opportunity to let them know the real pulse of the citizens.


2 responses to “Blog Party at Sabor’s In Town Center

  • Randy Rasp

    I may have to try and make this.

    In the meantime, can someone tell me where the “Best of Keller” winners are posted? I can’t find it anywhere. Did I miss it?

  • Big Bob

    It is in a special pull out section of Wednesday’s Keller Citizen. Not for sure if it on-line.

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