Welcome to the new readers of this blog, we are truly glad you stopped by to check us out. This blog started as an offshoot of former Keller City Councilman Jim Carson’s blog Keller City Limits. Jim was gracious enough to allow me to post there from time to time and when he decided to shut it down, I started to post here.

We are not Keller 24/7 but we do tend to post when things are happening around town on both the City and School District. I am a wonk if you will about the City Budget, I spend hours each year going through it page by page to see what we are really spending our money on. I have been a vocal critic of the Town Center taxing district for many years, first by writing letters to the editor and then even running for office unsuccessfully twice on the platform that the TIF District was in trouble. Our former Mayor Julie Tandy continued to attack me saying I didn’t know my facts, that the TIF was in great shape, she was misleading you, the citizens. As we have found out, the TIF is in trouble; we are having to subsidize it to the tune of about a half of million dollars a year and will have to for the foreseeable future.

The difference between then and now is we have a Mayor and a City Manager that isn’t hiding the fact the Town Center District has it’s issues and are addressing those issues rather than sweep them under the rug. I am a huge fan of the new City Manager for that very reason. Accountability and openness seem to be his hallmark and I applaud him for it. I have never had to wait longer than a half a day to wait for him to respond to any question that I have ever had to ask.

I also serve as a member of the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission and have served in that capacity for nearly three years. My current term ends in November of 2010. The Mayor and former Councilman Carson both asked me to serve and I applied for the position. After interviewing they assigned me to a term that had only a one year term, I guess to see how controversial I would be once I was on the board. The biggest complement I could have received was when I reapplied last year, the Chairman of the P&Z made a point to contact a number of City Council members to give them his recommendation that I continue to serve on the board. The interview process had more to do with this blog than my qualifications. There are members of the current City Council that are worried that I might write about something that may come up before me as a board member. I have stated all along that I would not do so, but they still pressed the issue. There is a real issue that we have some elected officials, both City and School Board, that don’t like to get criticized by a guy running a blog.

My response? Get over it. I don’t go out of my way to criticize people, but when they have it coming I don’t lose any sleep over it. I also try to give props when it is due, such as my admiration of current Assistant City Manager Chris Fuller.

I am a huge baseball fan and during the season I will post about both the Rangers and the Keller Indians. We delve into the Stock Market and some national news here as well. Stick around, bookmark the site and comment when you have something to say. If you are really outspoken, speak up, I’ll set you up as an author. We will try to live up to our “Best of Keller” rating.

In the mean time, I’m heading to KC, MO for business and I’ll be back in a few days.  We have tentatively set a date of next Wednesday night for a party to celebrate the Best of Keller at Sabor’s at Town Center.  Big Bob has promised to pick up the tab.  (In fact, I said I’d pick up the tab Bob….)  Another big thanks to the readers of the blog for voting us “Best of Keller”.


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