Rangers Season is Officially Over

At least for me.  I’m done with them for the year, even though I have tickets for this weekend’s series against the Angels.  Tom Hicks took out so many second mortgages on the team that MLB had to step in with $15 million in cash to keep the team afloat, and now they are taking control of the team.  We need a new owner, sooner rather than later.  We need to sign Marlon Byrd.  

You want to know why the country is in such bad financial shape, look no further than the Texas Rangers.  Take out 110% loans on the value of your team, and when the value quits rising, you have no money to operate.  What a freakin’ moron.  This IS a major market, there should be NO reason for this. 

I’m frustrated, I’m angry and I’m finished.


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