Six to One

For those in local government belly aching about keeping your salaries competitive and insisting on a raise, here is a fact for you:

If you’re looking for a job, five others are knocking on that same door. There were six workers for every one U.S. job opening in July, according to data released by the Labor Department Wednesday.

There were 2.4 million job openings, in July, according to the government’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover report, the lowest number in the history of the report.

The number of job openings has fallen by 50 percent, or 2.4 million, since the most recent peak in June 2007, the government said.

That’s right, there are five people lined up to take your job if you quit because you didn’t get your raise, and they will probably work for less than you are working for right now.  Think about that before you complain to a public that is fed up with ever increasing taxes and fees.


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