Glen Whitley Gets It

From todays FWST:

In 2008, TCC ranked fourth in average teacher salaries, behind Austin Community College, Dallas Community College and McLennan Community College, according to the 2008-09 Texas Community College Teachers Association.

But Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley questioned the wisdom of giving raises now.

“Our taxpayers are hurting, and they need some relief,” Whitley said. “So I think giving 3.5 percent raises is not the best way to show concern for those who are hurting.”


But the argument of staying competitive rings hollow to Whitley.

“According to all the folks I’ve talked with in the last couple of months, both in government and in private business, they are just glad to have a job in this economy,” he said. “I know we don’t have many people leaving their jobs with the county, and most places out there might be lucky to have five or six job postings.”


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