Monday Morning Sports Quick Hits

If we look back on 2009 as a failure for the Texas Rangers, we can blame it on their inability to beat the Minnesota Twins.

CJ Wilson reminds me of former Ranger Mitch Williams… just don’t know what you are going to get out of him from game to game. Huge amounts of natural talent, just not a lot between the ears.

The Cowboys have yet to impress me, my pre-season prediction? 8 and 8 for the year and Wade gets fired half way through the season.

For a guy that used to love watching NASCAR, I think I’ve seen 4 races this year. In fact, I’ve watched more Indy Car races than NASCAR. Part of that may be that I’m not in a NASCAR fantasy league, but the Car of Tomorrow has been a bust. In fact, I don’t plan on attending the November Texas race….just too boring.

College Football begins this weekend….my prediction? Texas will again find a way to lose a game they should have won.

The Keller Indians begin their season at home on Thursday, go on out and support the team.  There is nothing better this time of year than High School Football.


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