Why the Government is Out of Touch

Take a look at this graph, it explains it all.  While the Public Sector is expanding, the private sector is contracting at a very high rate.  According to this report from the Rockefeller Institute, 17% of all people employed are working for local, state or the federal government. 

While our ISD is giving out 10% raises to it’s Superintendent, the private sector that is paying his salary is becoming unemployed at an alarming rate. 

While the City Council debates cutting road repair instead of a 3% cut in salaries,it appears they represent the employees rather than the taxpayers. 

Full employement for all, as long as you are a government employee. 




2 responses to “Why the Government is Out of Touch

  • Barb Miller

    This picture is indeed worth a 1000 words. All governing bodies should be required to look at before they consider any proposal to raise taxes or keep their full compliment of employees.

  • quantumottle

    This image is a staggering, cold slap in the face to everyone – too bad our school district is still in denial.

    BTW, I just found your blog but I certainly plan to become a faithful reader. Very interesting and thought provoking information. Thank you.

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