Yet Another Big Bob Rally® Contest

This one my wife won’t be eligible for. 

The recent run-up of the market has a reader of the blog warning about the impending collapse of the market.  His advice?  Get out before September 1, because it’s all downhill from there.   

Big Bob’s response? 

Put your money where your mouth is sucka! 

The parties involved have a little side bet going, but I thought I’d involve the readers of the blog.

So here we go again, the person that is closest to correctly predicting the amount and direction the DJIA moves between September 1 and 30th will win a $30 bar tab at Sabor’s.   

Example – DOW is up 200 points

Deadline for submission is Midnight Central time on August 31st.


3 responses to “Yet Another Big Bob Rally® Contest

  • Randy Leake

    Dow down 150 points

  • Big Bob

    Dow will be up +144 points for the month of September 2009. The Dow may suffer a small setback as it closes out August but will continue the momentum in September

  • Shannon

    Even though I can’t win this contest…BTW…I never received the prize from the last one ;-)…I’m going to predict Dow up 186 points.

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