Randy Rogers Band

Randy Rogers is up at the North Texas State Fair tonight and we might just take a drive up and see him. They put on a great show and is a rising star.

The Randy Rogers Band built its audience by combining forces: It’s a dynamic live act centered around songs that fit the rowdy, party vibe of the concert circuit, but their songs also say something.

When the Randy Rogers Band’s last project debuted as the most-downloaded country album on iTunes, plenty of the industry “insiders” on Music Row were left scratching their heads: Who are these guys?

The Nashville elite may not have known about the five-piece band, but much of America already did. Rolling Stone magazine ranked them alongside such artists as U2 and the Stones in its list of Top 10 Must-See Artists in the summer of 2007. They earned $2.5 million—a staggering total for a still-developing act—on the tour circuit in a single year. Willie Nelson, the Eagles, Gary Allan and Dierks Bentley all picked them as opening acts for their concerts. And more than 2,200 people showed up and bought the bands album at an appearance at Wherehouse Music.

One of the hard things about finding good videos from Texas Country is that they have either signed to a label and they prohibit embedding, or they are home taped versions with bad sound and video.  Here is a decent video that could be found in a short amount of time.

Y’all have a good weekend and we will see ya next week.


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