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Between getting home from the office late and trying to watch the Ranger game, I caught bits and pieces of tonight’s City Council Budget Workshop.  It appears that the Council Members are hesitant to cut the employee’s salaries and are looking for ways to not have to do that.  Their greatest idea?  Cutting out a bunch of road repair.

I know over half of our elected officials do work for or have worked for the airline industry and have first hand knowledge of taking a pay cut.  I know that they don’t wish to put that on the employees. Those same elected officials need to also understand the reason they still have jobs is because they agreed to those pay cuts.  AA wouldn’t be in business without them.

With unemployment hovering around 10%, a 3% cut is a whole lot better than a 100% and not taking care of roads is like not going to the dentist.  In the end, it will cost you more if you continue to ignore the problem.  Everybody in this economy is having to tighten their belts the private sector is suffering, it’s time the public sector to tighten their belts.  I will bet anyone $100 today that in the next 5 years we will see a huge bond being floated to fix a bunch of roads that should have had an extended life if it weren’t for lack of maintenance. 

These are the same employees that were garnering 8,9 and even 10% annual raises in the good times.

The TIF also came up tonight and the deficit is down to about $400,000 this year.  If it were not for that deficit, we wouldn’t be discussing a pay cut.  Again I ask our former Mayor if she still believes I was being a Chicken Little when I warned this day was coming?  I don’t expect an answer….. 

One last thing and I’ll get off my soap box…I have yet to hear from a single person that supported the Town Hall Library answer the question of how they expected to build that project and not raise taxes when we are having to raise taxes to build a facility that cost half of what the bigger facility would have cost us?  I saved their flyer and have it around here somewhere, maybe I’ll scan it in and post it on the blog.

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One response to “Budget Workshop

  • Randy Leake

    Doug I could not agree more with your thoughts on the Budget Workshop. I hope our elected officials do not cut road repairs as a short term fix that will increase the tax payer’s burden in the long term. Look at the condition of Whitley Road now as one example of repairs that can’t wait.

    On salaries every avenue must be explored before cutting them for everyone. Employes such as Chris Fuller deserves a raise not a pay cut or even staying neutral. He is a vital assest to this government. We need to take care of him as well as several others. Those that don’t contribute as much should remain neutral or take a pay cut. I also believe that contributions to insurance and retirement should be looked as as well on what percentage share everyone pays.

    I am confident the majority of this council will do their homework and make the righ decisions. We have a great City Manager leading us thru some difficult times that every city in the state is facing as well. The TIF is putting a financial strain on our budget again this year. I remember the city staff and council telling us when this was being done it would cost us nothing and it will pay for itself!! It is this council who is having to clean the mess up.

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