Budget Preview

City Manager Dan O’Leary gave a budget preview at tonight’s City Council Meeting….things are pretty bleak.  Sales Tax Revenue down 8%, Development Fees down 50%, interest income down 60%…..which means what?

A tax increase of 1 cent and a $3 a month increase for wastewater/drainage fees.  It will also mean a 3% cut in employee wages for those making over $40,000 a year and 2% for those earning less than that amount.  It does look like he will not be laying anyone off for now.

They are now meeting in Executive Session and one of the items is this:

Section 551.074, Texas Government Code – Deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee.
a. Director of Economic Development.

 Hopefully this is just an evaluation because I really like Joey and think he is doing a great job for the City.

On another note, I appologize to my neighbors for not showing up to support their cause on the North Tarrant Parkway petition, my wife is back to work and I have been with my 10 year old during the day until school starts again.  That means the work I should be doing during the daylight hours I’m getting done at night.



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