Quick Hits

In the next week we should find out the City Manager’s plan for the budget, including if he intends to lay off any staff in the near future. My bet would be the City Council will argue to spend down the reserve to keep from having to lay off employees. My question is, “Is that a wise move?” I know nobody wants to have to lay off good employees, but with the economy the way it is, do we need all those employees? I’ve laid off huge numbers over the last 8 months so the company I work for can survive, you can’t just spend your way out of this mess. You have to realize that quite possibly one in ten of your citizens might not have a job right now and you need to protect them as well. We will see. We should also find out how big of a deficit the school district is going to run also….should be a depressing week around Keller.

In other news, the remodeled KISD stadium still doesn’t have a permanent Certificate of Occupancy….a year after opening. The City’s Unified Development Code calls for a maximum of six months and the answers from City hall is there is a inordinate number of temporary CO’s in Keller. My response, there isn’t a lot going on with new construction, get out there and get the temporaries converted to permanent or start fining them. There is a reason we have a UDC, start enforcing it.  This might become my new cause célèbre.

The Rangers are back on track and Josh Hamilton went from fending off questions about his behavior in the winter to going on a 7 for 8 streak at the plate. Rookie sensation Feliz continues to impress everyone and with the HUGE series against Boston this weekend will tell if they are pretenders or contenders.

The Cowboys play their first preseason game tonight, look for how many times they throw to their tight ends.

The Big Bob Rally continues on, dragging me into it day by day.  I’m just hoping this thing isn’t a dead cat bounce. 

Tonight’s video is one I haven’t seen before.  My wife, a huge Prince fan has never been able to convince me to listen to his music. I have a prejudice against him and his antics and have never really been a fan.  But watch his guitar solo about 4:30 into this video and you have to give him props.  Tom Petty, Stevie Winwood, Jeff Lynn and Prince put on a good show.

And while you are listening, don’t forget to vote in the “Best of Keller” contest at the Keller Citizen.  Look for us to go back to a normal publishing schedule soon.


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  • Thomas

    I see the Keller Citizen is reporting KISD is still hoping to build a “competition stadium” at the Timber Ridge high school. Apparently they don’t understand No means No. “On the second stadium, I think it’s not a question of if, but when,” Mark Arnold said.

    KISD’s finances are worsening, their academic rating is falling and they want a stadium already rejected by voters. You are right Doug, we need candidates that are interested in education instead of construction. KISD needs to send some folks over to Carroll ISD to find out how to educate students.

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