Quick Hits Neftali Feliz Style

Still can’t find the time or the energy to blog regularly.  There has been some happenings locally including some rumors about some citizens trying to make the decision to run in next years City Council election.  I always encourage brave people to run, but what we need is somebody (or more than one) that is willing to spend the time, money and effort to run for School Board.   

It should be any day we find out how much of a deficit the KISD will run for the next fiscal year, even though they promised they wouldn’t run another one after last year.  Yet the Superintendent wonders why his disapproval rating is so high?

The Rangers continue to win, but so do the Angels.  Last night I made my wife stay up and watch Neftali Feliz throw in his first Major League Baseball game, and he didn’t disappoint.  Striking out the side and hitting 100 mph 5 times in two innings of perfect work.  Too bad CJ Wilson decided to have an inner meltdown and the Rangers lose a game they desperately needed to win.

We have a commenter that keeps posting negative comments about Coach Rob Stramp, please review our comment policy.  If you wish to make such spurious claims, do it with a real email address and I will approve them.  But having a conversation with yourself in the comment section is funny since nobody can see them until I approve them.  Yes, I am talking to you  It is amazing how parents get so upset when their little darling doesn’t get any playing time in High School. 

With that being said, don’t forget to vote for Coach Stramp and Beyond Right Field in the Best of Keller contest at the Keller Citizen.  Clear your Internet cache and you can vote more than once.

The Big Bob Rally continues on, breaking all semblance of sanity.  I continue to be mostly on the sideline but day by day I’m suckered in a little bit more.  Meanwhile, the rumor around town is Big Bob is looking at making up the KISD Budget shortfalls with his spare change.

I’m still on the fence on the decision to delay a vote on using “park” land at Town Center to build some taxable properties.  I need to sit down with a staff member or two at City Hall to get a better grasp on the property in question and then I’ll do a writeup on it.  I don’t think the Citizen did a good enough job explaining that some of the property in question is not actually “park” land, but was land that was set aside to build a Library that will never be built. 

The Food Network crowned our former resident “The Next Food Network Star” the other night.  My 10 year old who watched the program said she was proud of her former neighbor.  Me?  I was busy watching baseball.


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