Rangers Continue To Amaze Even Me

I freely admit I’m a homer.  I love the Rangers win or lose.  Some of my best memories were at the Ballpark.  I witnessed in person Nolan Ryan’s 7th No Hitter.  I was there for two more of his one hitters.  I’ve seen every home playoff game, been to the All Star Game, met both President Bush’s there and never in my 20+ years of cheering on the home team have I ever seen pitching like we are this year. 

The Rangers lead the American League in ERA for July….yes, the RANGERS!  With another win against the Tigers tonight, the Rangers move withing a game or two from first place (depending on what the outcome of the Angels game against the Tribe).  This year if the Rangers make the playoffs, I am going to go to a road playoff game to add to my list. 

I still am amazed.

In other news, Big Bob emails to let me know that Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox pitched a perfect game last week….and tonight he set the major league record with a few more batters retired in a row….and the Sox ended up losing to the Twinkies.  As I replied to Big Bob, I hate the Sox.  Can’t stand Ozie Guillen and that ballpark they play in might as well be the old Arlington Stadium as it has no character.  In fact, it would be an insult to Arlington Stadium.  Buehrle seems like a good guy, but he plays for the Sox.  Heck, President Obama wore a Sox Jacket to the All Star game and threw a first pitch that a girl would be embarrassed about.  My point?  I hate the Sox.


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