Best of Keller

The Citizen is having a Best of Keller Contest and one of the categories is “Best Blog by a Public Official”….well, since I think the ONLY Blog by a public official is this one, please take the time to vote and vote often.  If we win, I’ll have an open bar party at Sabor’s to celebrate.  (Is that a bribe?   Naw, just an incentive to vote).

While you are at it, vote for Sabor’s as well.  In a future post, I may offer my opinions on some of the other categories.

Link to survey


4 responses to “Best of Keller

  • Randy Leake

    For the record I just voted. You can’t beat free drinks and a good cigar!!

  • Big Bob

    Ditto here too! Looks like Sabor’s may benefit from the Doug Miller economic stimulous package called the bribe!! I’ll drink to that!

  • Randy Rasp

    I must be a bad citizen, I couldn’t even think of an answer for about 80% of the categories!

  • Frank Flanagan

    It would not let me back in the survey after submitting the first time?? I intended to “vote often”.

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