Best of Keller Recommendations

OK, after a quick glance through the lengthy list and  for those that need some help filling in the answers:

  • 11.  Best Local Public Official – I guess they are talking about non elected….I say vote for Assistant City Manager Chris Fuller.  Shannon says I have a man crush on him (and maybe I do)  but he is a rising star and will only be here a short time until some other City snatches him away to be their City Manager.
  • 12. Best Blog–  Beyond Right Field….duh
  • 26.  Best Festival –  Lions Club Fair
  • 36.  Best BBQ –  Cousins on 1709….I know this will get an argument going
  • 47.  Best Happy Hour –  Sabor’s
  • 48.  Best Place to take a Date –  Sabor’s again!
  • 60.  Best High School Coach – Rob Stramp, Keller High Baseball Coach….name a more successful coach in all of KISD?

Remember to vote and vote often.  The Big Bob Rally was in force as the NASDAQ closed up for the 12th day in a row.  If this keeps up the recession will be over in days.


2 responses to “Best of Keller Recommendations

  • Frank Flanagan

    Don’t remember the number, but for best Asian restaurant I submitted Samurai Bistro of Keller. I have never been what anyone would call a sushi eater but this place is really good. Unfortunately, the Monday 50% off for sushi ends this coming Monday July 27. We have been 4-5 times and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. We now intend to try the hibachi tables …. I hope it is as good as what we have tried so far. They are located in the Steinmart building on 1709/Keller Pkwy. Anyone tried it yet?

  • Doug


    Clear your cache on Internet explored and it should allow you back in

    we’ve been to the restaraunt you mention a number of times, the habachi tables are good, but not near the show as the one in grapevine by best buy

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