Quick Hits

I am sitting in my house at 8:30pm and the construction guys are still here trying to finish phase two of this mess.  A few more things to do in the next few days and this project should be done and I can have a house that is somewhat normal.

Has anyone else noticed that our Federal Government is trying to cram multiple huge new items down our throats all at the same time?  Cap and Trade, TARP, Universal Healthcare, Financial System Overhaul all while we are still engaged in two wars?  Kind of like drinking from a fire hose.  The only good thing is that Obama’s numbers are dropping fast, and at this rate we might get a repeat of 2004 next year.

Here in Keller it is kind of similar, but it appears that the City Council has backed off of some of thier far fetched plans like a huge bond for the Parks Department.  We will see what happens with this Charter revision.  It would suprise me if they put it to a vote when three Council Members are up for re-election at the same time. 

Pat Green is playing at one of my favorite venues, Flores Country Store in Helotes.  It might be an excuse to take the wife to go see her family in San Antonio for a quick trip.  Cory Morrow is at the House of Blues next Thursday night and we already have our tickets to that event.

Have a great weekend and hope to be back to blogging soon.


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