UT-LSU Game 1

Watching the Longhorns play is a experience like going down memory lane.  The number of kids young men that play for UT that my son has either played with or against during his career number about half the team.  Some of his best friends play for the Longhorns and catcher Cameron Rupp is one of those.

Friday night while sitting at the lake watching the game, a group gathered as Cameron came to bat in the late innings to hit the game tying home run.  Here was the guy that before he went off to school would hang out at the lake and act like he wasn’t anything special, but we all knew better.  Cam is one special young man and one heck of a baseball player.

Brandon Workman is another one of those special young men.  He came in last night with the bases loaded to strike out the side throwing 95-97mph gas.  He eventually gave up the winning run, but it doesn’t make me think any less than Brandon. 

Back in ’07 I wrote about my son’s trip to Farmington, NM with his summer baseball team.  Both Cameron Rupp and Brandon Workman were on that team along with Stayton Thomas.  Cole Green was also at the tournament and was one of the toughest competitors I’ve ever watch play the game.

I’m rooting for UT to pull this series out.  I know these guys and know what they are made of and there is no giving up in any of them.


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