Not So Quick Hits; Weekend Edition

Another weekend and another Red Dirt Country Artist coming to town, Randy Rogers is performing with Wade Bowen at the Granada Sunday night.  Shannon and I had planned on heading over there but I waited to long to buy tickets and they are sold out.  I guess we could go to the Jonas Brothers Saturday….only if you paid me…. a lotof money and promised not to tell anybody I was there.  I think I’ll pass and head out to the Lake and enjoy our boat that we sold last week but then unsold a few days later as the guy got buyers remorse before he gave me his earnest money.  I hate flakey people.

The Rangers are still in first place and heading out west on a road trip to San Fransisco and Arizona, I’m sure I’ll be talking to my brother who is a huge Giants fan at some point this weekend.  Last nights game was a reminder of how good the team can be when they actually hit the ball, something if they continue to do will help them win the West and allow me to continue my streak of seeing every home Rangers playoff game in the history of the club.  Such a huge number that is.

On a local baseball note, Jordon Stafford of the Keller Indians informed me that he has committed to former Rangers Mike Jeffcoat and Rusty Greer  at Texas Wesleyan for the fall.  His older brother Jared is up in Alaska this summer playing ball in that summer league, one of the best in the nation right behind Cape Cod.

While I’m on sports, has anybody else noticed that the Citizen seems to be getting some of it’s Sports stories ideas from the blog?  I wonder if the sports writer actually listened to all 50 rounds of the MLB draft?  It all started with my original Nick Tripp post being nearly lifted word for word and then the Indians playoff appearance at 12:30am and now the draft.  At least he followed up and called Coach Stramp and Delaney, all I did was send a congratulatory email to Coach Stramp.  I guess that is the difference between a reporter and a fan.

Good news in the Miller household as my wife will be gainfully employed again as of August 3rd ( just in time to save me from having to start drinking Keystone Beer again).  Not only that, but the insurance company for the kid that drove thru my fence finally paid off today as well, so maybe we’ll be putting some money back into the economy by getting it fixed.  On a frustrating note, AT&T didn’t ship my new iPhone today, so I guess I’ll have to wait awhile before I get my hands on it and report here on it’s super coolness.

The Stock Market is trying to make up it’s mind what it wants to do, but still hasn’t reached the magic 8800 on the DOW for us to have a winner in our contest.  I guess Big Bob needs to do one of his dances out by the pool this weekend, if nothing else, we’ll get some rain out of it (keep it an easy one Bob, last one you did we got over 6″ of rain here at the house).  In the meantime, I sit on the sidelines in Cash except for some small positions. 

P&Z has their annual get together with the City Council and the City Attorney next week and it should be an interesting.  There have been some moans elicited from some of the members on some of the Council’s actions on the groups recommendations.  I hope somebody in the group speaks up as I’m they shy one of the group and usually don’t have anything to say as most of you know.  Immediately after our meeting they are going to have their City Charter meeting and I might just sit in to hear what is discussed.

The KISD election results from the runoff were horrendous….I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about anything for the next year unless you are one of those four hundred odd people that voted.  People wonder why I won’t run for office, and that is the reason.  Why even bother?  If I get a wild hair I’ll get the voter list for those who voted and compare it against our elected officials in town to see who voted and who didn’t and report that info here.


But enough of that, here is Randy Rogers singing his song “Buy Myself a Chance“….too bad I didn’t buy myself some tickets.


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