Weekend Calendar

Busy weekend here in the metromess.  Friday night, Lone Star Park continues to bring in some great Red Dirt Country Artists with Cross Canadian Ragweed playing after the races.  The Dodgers come to town (minus Manny) for a three game set and Saturday night after the game Reckless Kelly will play out on the north lawn. 

My daughter turns 10 Sunday and we might make a night of it at the Ballpark with the whole family Saturday night.

I went through a few selections for this week’s YouTube video, started with Ragweed’s Boys from Oklahoma but thought the humor would be lost here.  Then was going to post a Reckless Kelly song but decided on this video from a 19 year old phenom.  I first heard her when she came out with her Tim McGraw song and fell in love with it.  Then I found out that not only does she have a great voice, but she writes all her own songs.  My 10 year old is begging me to mortgage my house to buy her tickets to see her at the AAC this fall, but I have other ideas.

Here she is singing a great George Strait tune that is rumored to be released as a single


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