Big Bob’s Nightmare

The Dow has flirted with 8800 all week, but hasn’t closed above that line all week.  Every single day, the intraday high has been above the 8800 mark, only to sell off into the close.

His original June 15th prediction looks like it could happen, but I know it’s driving him crazy.



4 responses to “Big Bob’s Nightmare

  • Jim Carson

    I reiterate my prediction that the Dow will not close above 8800 until Obama is defeated.

    According to Murphy’s Law and my personal track record, that should ensure that the Big Bob Rally takes off anew…

  • Big Bob

    I got bush schwaggled again today…closing at 8799.26!! Well June 15th just may be the day unless Doug let’s us round up with todays close!

  • Thomas

    All ya need is 1 little point on Monday and it will look like a hole in one.

  • Doug

    No rounding up

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