Gas Wells and the City of Keller

Keller has a group of citizens and staff members hard at work drafting a new temporary gas well ordinance, kind of a place holder until a more thorough review can be made.  They are taking the Ft. Worth ordinance and modifying it to fit Keller and should be submitting their work to the City Council in early July for approval.  In the mean time, the two gas lift pump stations finally went before the Council last week after numerous delays and were both approved with less stringent requirements than came out of P&Z.  Sometimes you have to wonder why we do all the work we do.


One response to “Gas Wells and the City of Keller

  • Mitch Holmes

    Now Doug. We can’t have you wondering why you do all the work you do. You’ve done too much to get down now. So, consider this.

    Do you think your own recommendations, had they been forwarded directly to council without influence of the rest of P&Z, would have looked the same as the aggragate of P&Z’s? Probably not. But you didn’t feel overlooked when P&Z’s recommendations differed from your own. And what if the final product(s) were determined in a joint pow wow between P&Z and council. Would that product look like the one P&Z forwarded? Probably not. It’d probably look more like the final one(s). You okay with that? So, all three approaches yield different products, but all of them with your influence, and P&Z’s.

    Another reason why P&Z’s work was so valuable. And I meant to say this last council meeting but the two items took so long I forgot. You guys did such a good job exploring the myriad of technicalities associated with the lift stations, we didn’t have to. All we had to do was watch the tapes (listen, in my case, all the way to Austin and back). Those several hours over two P&Z meetings were extremely enlightening. But there wasn’t any sense in going through all of it again. Or time.

    So my sincere appreciations to P&Z for your hard work on these two items. And all the items you cover twice a month. Our town doesn’t realize how fortunate we are to have such a dedicated, knowledgeable P&Z. Seriously. You make council’s job so much easier, and your recommendations are important. But you wouldn’t want a rubber stamp, now would you.

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