Another Road Expansion, Another Complaint

Seems the City is working on plans to extend Bourland Road north to the new Marshall Creek Subdivision.  To me, that is fine and dandy, the road extension is on the thoroughfare plan and residents up in that part of town knew one day the road would be built. 

It also seems the City is thinking about putting a round-a-bout at the corner of Bourland and Mt. Gilead, and in doing so, would take some residents back yards and one persons front yard in the process.

They have reached out to the City Council and the Mayor with hopes of finding a resolution.  What I’ve heard is that they have been asked to delay any meeting with the City Council until after their next meeting after they are briefed during an executive session (which is not open to the public). 

Maybe if some of the individual City Council members could reach out before the meeting, then they would be up to speed when the city attorney briefs them about their options of stealing buying their right of way from these tax paying residents.


7 responses to “Another Road Expansion, Another Complaint

  • Raj Singh


    Thank you for your posting!

    I’m one of the affected residents and wanted to leave a
    comment. In the response we got from the city, it was
    mentioned that round-a-bouts have a history of
    increasing the value of the surrounding property.

    Perhaps I’m a bit slow, but I fail to see how a round-a-
    bout would increase my property value if it is taking a
    decent chunk out of our carefully cultivated back yard,
    which we take great pride in, and endangering my
    children in that process! No one would want to buy our
    property and I woudn’t blame them.

    What is very puzzling is this sudden interest in the option
    which was not even on the table in 2006. We had all been
    a part of the original discussions back then and the
    conclusion was that a slightly skewed interesection would
    be made and everyone agreed to that including the then
    city manager.

    So I’m wondering as to why the council is even allowing
    this option to be brought forward!

    We’ve discussed it with many of our friends and neighbors
    in the area and no one is in support of a round-a-bout,
    which is not a popular or common structure in Texas.

    I’ve lived in Keller for 6 years now and have been an
    interested observer of the (sometimes unplanned and/or
    uncoordinated) growth with interest. I would think that
    such developments would be planned to have minimal
    impacts on existing residential properties – at least, I
    would think that would be a primary consideration – and
    would be aligned with the long term growth strategy
    for Keller. Whatever that is – assuming one exists!

    But, we shall wait and see!

    Thanks again.


  • Raj Singh

    Oh – and I should clarify: by slightly skewed I meant that the road would start to angle a bit in order to align with the extension, which is common. So it would feel like a normal intersection with a slight bend in the road.

  • Big Bob

    I’m hard pressed this is quality tax dollars being prudently being spent by our city council!

  • Mitch Holmes

    My apoligies to you, Mr. Singh, for the unsure future you have to consider while the city and council look at all options, even if they weren’t conceived in 2006. We are called to do what’s best for Keller, while minimizing that impact (steal, as Doug puts it) to you and your neighbors. I know how uncomfortable this waiting period is for you. I’ve experienced it to a somewhat lesser extent myself.

  • Jim Carson

    Doug, I’d suggest hyperlinking Mitch’s name to the page on the city’s website. (I’d paste the URL of the page, but you spam filter keeps nuking it.)

    Some casual readers might not realize Mitch is a councilman. I often meant to do this on KCL, but usually forgot.

  • Jim Carson

    …but your spam filter…

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