Big Bob Rally® Getting Close

Our very own Big Bob’s Big Bob Rally® prediction of  June 15th looks like it might well come true as the DJIA  closed at over 8700 today for the first time in a very long time (well, at least on the way up, rather on the way down).  I’ve closed the comments on the contest post and we will wait with baited breath as we await the results.  Meanwhile, I covered all my shorts today….for a loss.


4 responses to “Big Bob Rally® Getting Close

  • Jim Carson

    I rarely correct Doug’s grammar and spelling anymore, mostly because making someone uncomfortable in the pursuit of accuracy is, I’m told, just mean.

    However, “baited breath” is one of the most common misspelled/misused phrases in our language, so I thought just once I’ll gently correct it.

    Bated means restrained, and bated breath means shortness or suspension of breath, which is common among the highly anxious.

    Baited breath means you have worms on your breath.



  • Jim Carson

    P.S. Hi Frank!

    Yes, I’m in Jacksonville, but the job ended sooner than I expected. I’ll be back in Keller for good in July.

    However, Dava and I are looking into larger properties. Is the Black property for sale? Gas wells won’t bother us a bit.

  • Doug Miller

    Jim, you know me, I don’t mind a bit. And as busy as I’ve been lately, I haven’t done enough proof reading.

  • Doug Miller

    And Jim, if you are looking at buying the Black property, the next time you are in town you are buying the drinks at Sabors!!

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