Vicki Truitt’s Tax Bill Goes Down in Flames

Some power she has down there in Austin, and in normal Truitt fashion, she’s throwing a temper tantrum.  Next thing you know she will be trying to regulate blogs, oh, that’s right, she’s already tried that once.

“Other than what you have seen in blast e-mails, which are full of half-truths, this House has not had the chance to consider the facts,” she told her colleagues. “More particularly, you have not heard the voters in my district complain about their daily traffic nightmare.”

But Rep. Joe Pickett, D-El Paso, the transportation committee chairman, said the House needed to send the Senate a strong message. The larger transportation bill, he said, is too important to die because of House opposition to the tax proposal.

“If we come out with an agreement on 99 percent of the issues before the House and the Senate, but with a bill that includes the local-option tax, my personal fear is that the majority of this membership might not vote to pass the bill at all.”


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