Food Network to feature local resident

According to the Dallas Observer (in their cheaky way):

Clear some space on your TiVo–or, if you’re on a food blog budget, buy a few blank VHS tapes: The Next Food Network Star returns at 8 p.m. local time on Sunday, June 7.

As in years past, the show gives 10 contestants the chance to win over a selection committee of chefs to earn his or her own Food Network show. And, once again, there’s a local woman to root for … well, if Keller counts as local. Maybe we should wait and see how she does before claiming her as our own? And do they always find people from–or close to–major market cities?
Anyway, taking Lisa Garza‘s place to represent North Texas on the show this season is Melissa d’Arabian. Don’t recognize the name? You mean you’ve never had her Homemade Super Yummy Yogurt? Then you must not be one of her four daughters. A former career woman, d’Arabian is a self-taught cook and a stay-at-home mom–and the only contestant without any professional culinary experience.

You can read about Mellissa at the Food Network Site


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