Under Pressure

Yeah, naming the posts after songs is a little cliche, but I had a hard weekend and then had to spend the whole day on a job site.  The first time that’s happened in years and boy did it make me feel old. 

At tomorrow nights City Council Meeting, the group representing the residents along North Tarrant Parkway will submit their petition to the Council and after this weekend’s events, I have decided to go to the meeting and speak in favor of their demands.  I’ll have some 8″x10″ glossies of my backyard with me and let them see the danger in having such a busy road in such close proximity to houses. 

The Citizen called both my wife and I today about what happened so hopefully between last weeks article, the petition and this weeks article it will put some pressure on the Council to act.

A couple of notes on the song.  The bass line in the song is greatness, too bad it was ruined years later by Vanilla Ice.  Second, I had originally planned to use the song in my stock market post, but then had a brain fart and forgot what song I was going to use.  It was too good of a song to pass up, so I tailored this post around it.  Funny how things work out.


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