Too Many A-holes in the world

Don’t read the rest of this if profanity offends you. 

To the asshole that broke into my wife’s truck last night and stole her GPS and the Computer, I hope you get great pleasure in knowing that you now have items that I worked hard to pay for.  Items that you might get $50 at a pawn shop so you can get your next fix of whatever it is you need.

I hope you have great pleasure in knowing that if I had wondered outside to smoke a cigarette at 3am or whenever you were rummaging through our possessions, that I would shot you dead without even blinking an eyelash.  I would have stood over your dead body and not shed a tear.

Try your luck again, and it just might be my lucky day next time asshole.


2 responses to “Too Many A-holes in the world

  • Barb Miller

    Sorry to hear about the theft, but remember things can be replaced. At least they didn’t break into your house or hurt your family.

    But I know the feelings you are going through and it isn’t pleasant.

  • Randy Leake

    Hey Doug, Big Bob has a new GPS and Computer today. He said they were slightly used but he got a steal on them.!! Sorry to hear about it. I know you will take care of it if you catching breaking in again.

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