Ron Washington Should Be Fired!

With the Rangers in first place this deep in the season, why would I make such a statement?  Well, I was at the game last night in Chicago, sitting in the best seats I’ve ever sat in for a Major league game….five rows behind home plate.  I watched Danks and Millwood both pitch their hearts out in 45 degree weather.  Millwood had 107 pitches coming into the bottom of the eighth inning and the sun had set, making it even colder in Chicago.  The Sox had the heart of the order up…two of them being righties.  Why Washington would choose to let Millwood continue when he was visiably tired, had lost a couple miles an hour off his fastball and had O’Day in the Bullpen? 

I can tell you why, he’s an idiot.  He let Millwood load the bases with no outs before he made a change, and a flyball to center field that Byrd couldn’t get out of his glove fast enough allowed the winning run to score.  Bobby Jenks came in the game and shut the Rangers down in order and I was left sitting in a sea of Sox fans to take grief from each and every one of them.  The Rangers went on to win today to bring the final outcome of the season series to four wins for the good guys, two for the Sox.  Too bad I had to witness this loss in person.


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