Sweet Home Chicago

Never did live in Chicago, but it is a great city (in the spring, summer and fall).  Flying out Saturday morning for a trip to go see the Rangers play the White Sox at what they call a ballpark on the South Side. My brother has some great seats and it looks like Kevin Millwood will be pitching for the good guys, so lets hope the weather doesn’t screw this trip up.

I’m gonna  try to see the Indians play Colleyville before heading over to Taste of Addison to catch the Old 97’s and Jack Ingram.  I took Shannon to see him after a Ranger game a couple of weeks ago and now she is looking to kick me to the curb and move him in.  I knew I shouldn’t have taken her back stage…


jack ingram

Everybody have a good and safe weekend and enjoy this clip of two of the best guitar players ever.


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