Contest, Win a $30 Bar Tab at Sabor’s Wine Bar.

We are averaging about 400 unique page views a day, that means there are a bunch of new readers to the blog.  Yeah, some are coming on here because of the incident at Central High School, but others are coming back day after day.  I wish to thank you for visiting. 

We cover everything from politics, sports, the economy and the stock market here.  A few weeks ago, our very own Big Bob (yes, he is a real live person) predicted that the market had bottomed and we were in for a rally.  I coined the Big Bob Rally® slogan but I was a non believer.  You have to remember those days, it was doom and gloom 24/7 as the press tried to help our President pass the largest spending spree in human history. 

The market has so far rallied nearly 40% and doesn’t look like there is an end any time soon.  Big Bob said the Dow Jones Industrial Average will get to 8800 by June 15th.  Well, the DJIA closed at 8,512 today, and since it’s less than 300 points away, he sent an email out saying it may make it by May 15th. 

So, here’s is the deal.  Make a prediction on what day the DJIA closes above 8,800 and the person that has the closest prediction wins a $30 bar tab at Sabor’s in Keller Town Center.  Maybe with this “contest”, we can spur some people to start commenting.  I know there are a lot of lurkers, but it’s pretty easy, just hit the comment link at the bottom of this post and tell us your prediction.

Better hurry though, because if Big Bob has his way, he’ll do another dance and the market will get there before the end of the week.  Oh, that’s right, the last time Bob did a dance, all we got was rain!

This contest only valid for people 21 years of age or older.  All of Big Bob’s relatives are ineligible to play since they probably have some inside information.

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12 responses to “Contest, Win a $30 Bar Tab at Sabor’s Wine Bar.

  • Shannon

    Well, I am not related to Big Bob, but I am Doug’s wife. He didn’t have a disclaimer mentioning that and I could use a night out…June 14th.

  • Randy Leake

    Based on what is discussions going on in Washington I think this will fall into the online gambling arena. Will the taxes be covered under this promotion?? If so my guess will be May 21st!! I am assuming we are not talking pre market opening levels correct??

  • easterwood

    May 28th

  • Randy Rasp

    May 14th!!

  • Doug Miller

    Randy Leake, on the day the Dow CLOSES above 8,800.

    And no, Taxes are on you.

  • Scott

    I’ll go for June 1st.

    Shannon, a Sunday?

  • Doug Miller

    June 14th is my daughter’s birthday….but at least I won’t have to short the market that day

  • Big Bob

    This just may be the week…Wal-Mart’s earning – if favorable – could ignite the run-up.

  • Jim Carson

    November 7, 2012, presuming the angry, stupid freeloaders do not double down.

  • Frank Flanagan

    After not checking in for a few months I finally got around to doing so. (Two PCs & a couple of long trips later). I know this is off topic but did not see the best place to put my unrelated comments:
    1. First – I am glad that no one was injured as a result of the accident that took out a portion of your fence, Doug. The thought of anyone in the southwest corner of your back yard when this happened just makes me shudder.

    2. I notice on one of the post (maybe Jim C’s post about the KC letter to the editor) it indicated that Jim was in Jacksonville, FL? Did Jim move? We are there every so often (just this past April) since Linda is from Jax and her parents still live there.

    Good to see you folks are still carrying on!! I am debating whether to file my objection to my property appraisal — just seems the TAD’s timing is completely wrong.

  • Big Bob

    Well, could this be the week?????

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