Increased Fees

What if I told you that the City of Keller is considering substantially raising it’s Park impact fees in a recession?  Well, that’s what is happening.  I have asked for some more information and will do some phone calls and emails to get some opinions on this and pass it on.


2 responses to “Increased Fees

  • easterwood

    I think its time for a Tea Party at the city counsel meeting.

  • Keller-Mike

    Let’s add on the $.81 increase for waste pick-up that the CC approved in the 1st reading last night. As a part of this Allied also has the option of levying another $,50 a month if they choose.

    Add this to the increase of the Franchise fee from 4% to %5 on the Atmos bill, I belive the City of Keller is ripe for a Tea party.

    The City Manager, the Mayor and CC do not seem to understand how many of their Citizens have lost jobs or are receiving reduced pay….Not too mention the many people that are living on a fixed income.

    Yes, it may be time for another “march” on City Hall.

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