John Danks vs. Brandon McCarthy

Gil LeBreton has a column in todays DMN about the John Danks trade for Brandon McCarthy…..and if Gil thinks one bad outing for Danks against his old team means we got the better end of the deal, he’s wrong.  Dead wrong.

It was two days before Christmas, 2006, when the Rangers made the trade that still stirs the local Banshees. Five players changed uniforms, but the heart of the deal was bright prospect Danks for what the Rangers thought was more-developed prospect Brandon McCarthy.

You know the rest. Danks has been mostly terrific; McCarthy has been mostly hurt.

McCarthy has shown this season, however, what he can do when he’s healthy. With a 3-0 record, he’s become the pitching staff’s second-most effective starter.

And Danks?

If you apply the typical Rangers fan’s day-to-day angst, Danks is mired in an irrevocable tailspin

Worst trade since the Sammy Sosa trade.  And one day, we may be sitting here regretting trading Edminson Volquez for Josh Hamilton.  Yeah, big sports opinion there!


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