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It was only a matter of time.  This weekend I had a flyer put on my door that stated there is a petition to stop the six lane North Tarrant expansion from Rufe Snow to Sarah Brooks.  Just to be up front, I live on Sarah Brooks and my property borders North Tarrant Parkway. 

The City Council over the last decade has been very willing to negotiate with homeowners along heavily travelled roads, and I hope they will at listen to this group of citizens.  Their demands in their petition are:

  1. A four-lane road through residential areas (Rufe Snow to Sarah Brooks is almost all residential).  This is needed due to limited right-of-way (114 feet) in many areas and to preserve existing mature trees near the neighborhood boundaries.  Other sections of North Tarrant Parkway in NRH and the City of Fort Worth have expansive right-of-way (150 feet and greater) to accommodate a six-lane road .  The section through Keller does not have the needed width.  The current plan would negatively effect the property values and quality of life for residents backing up to North Tarrant Parkway and to a lesser extent, additional residents of the adjacent neighborhoods.

  2. Traffic signals at Cat Mountain Trail and Highland Oaks Drive (timed together).  Currently it is difficult to exit on North Tarrant Parkway as a two lane road.  With the expansion to a six-lane divided facility, it will almost be impossible to exit onto North Tarrant Parkway without a traffic signal.  For Highland Meadows Estates residents North Tarrant Parkway is the ONLY way out of their neighborhood!  The traffic signals are also needed for pedestrians and children crossing the road.

  3. Provide lighting in the raised median similar to Rufe Snow Drive.

  4. Provide landscaping that includes trees in the raised median.  Preserve as many trees that are located alongside the parkway as possible to preserve the existing buffer between the road and the homes.

  5. Insure appropriate noise abatement efforts are made along the walls separating North Tarrant Parkway from the affected neighborhoods.

  6. Provide a “Welcome to City of Keller” monument sign in the median just west of the City of Keller and City of NRH boundary.

You can sign the petition here.


I have emailed the owner of the website to see if I can get some background on the group.


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