Watch Your Back

What the hell is happening to our beloved school district?

Text messages among students warning of a retaliation and a shootout at Keller Central High School have resulted in an expanded police presence Friday at the campus in north Fort Worth.

No reports of any violence were reported by 10:15 a.m., but extra officers were sent to the school as a precaution, said Sgt. Pedro Criado, police spokesman. The school is at 9450 Ray White Road.

Shellie Johnson, schools spokeswoman, said administrators heard that the threat related to the shooting death earlier this week of a former CHS student.

Derek Splawn, 18, was fatally shot Tuesday afternoon at a north Fort Worth apartment complex.

Police said he was armed with a baseball bat as he forced his way into an apartment to confront an 18-year-old man who lived there.

A parent gave the Star-Telegram a copy of one of the texts. It stated: “Theres supposed to be a shooting at school today. skip if you can. Be extremely careful if you cant.”

Johnson said that she did not know if students were skipping school to avoid trouble.

Keller police were also at the school and metal detectors were used to screen students as they arrived. Classes were continuing and some students were taking TAKS tests, Johnson said.

Officers were also trying to locate the student who sent out the original text to learn more about it, Criado said.

Johnson said Splawn was a former CHS student who was enrolled at the New Directions Learning Center, an alternative campus.

He was killed at a north Fort Worth apartment after he reportedly forced his way inside, armed with an aluminum bat.

Police said Splawn was angry with a man who lived there and he reportedly threatened in an earlier telephone conversation “that he was tired of this and he was going to come over there,” police said.

But once inside, police said, Splawn suffered a shotgun blast to the face and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooting was still under investigation on Friday, Criado said.

The first words that came to mind when I read this aren’t fit to print.  The second thought was (yeah, I’m a little sensitive) there isn’t any way that Keller PD is at Central, since it’s in Ft. Worth.  The third thing that came to my mind was all of this great planning and zoning by the City of Ft. Worth in their buildout of North Ft. Worth has us now wondering if the district has lost control of these students.

UPDATE:  12:12pm  Guess I was wrong, Keller PD is at Central helping FWPD out. 

Dear Central High School Parents/Guardians,


I am writing this letter to address an incident involving an alleged threat that was rumored to occur against our campus today, but fortunately did not. 


Fort Worth and Keller Police Departments as well as KISD administrators were aware of reported texts messages among CHS students alleging that a shooting retaliation would occur. The retaliation was rumored to be in response to the shooting death of a New Direction (former CHS) student earlier this week at a Fort Worth apartment complex. Police have no evidence to support that there was ever an actual threat to CHS.  However we take all threats seriously in an effort to maintain the safest learning environment for our students.   


FWPD increased its presence on our campus and metal detectors were deployed. Officers from Keller PD participated in surveillance as well.  The campus was not put into lockdown at anytime today.


We have received numerous phone calls from concerned parents due to continued rumors stemming from the incident. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we have no reason to believe that our students or faculty are in danger, but as a parent you have the right to remove your child from school.


Student safety is our number one priority in Keller ISD.  All of us are committed to our students and to their safety.

UPDATE 2:  If you read the article in this weekends edition of the FWST, you will notice that the Keller PD is mentioned only in a support role.  The reporter might have rethought his story a little after I emailed him on Friday questioning his stance about Keller PD being at the school.


17 responses to “Watch Your Back

  • Randy Rasp

    Great, I am very much looking forward to my daughter being bused over there – from the middle of Keller proper where we live – when she grows up.

  • brianna

    Ok I go to this school. And first off the kid that killed derek should have been charged second off the gun threat was a hoax we all knew it was but parents still proceeded to check there kids out. Hundred were checked out and about a 1000 didn’t show up. But I’ve went there four years and this is the first time this ahs ever happend central is an amazing school no parent should be scared to send there kid there ever

  • Tyler

    I go to Central. and mainly its quite peaceful, we’ve had maybe 3 fights the entire year. and those lasted about a minute…
    but i do love how people are saying, “Your in Keller, your not going to get shot”, when Dereck did… makes it a little uneasy because the kid who shot him goes to Central…

    lets just hope we don’t have another Columbine..

  • Aubrey Turner


    Why should the shooter in the death of Derek Splawn be charged? If the facts are as described in the news article (always something one should check, as the news media frequently gets things wrong), then it’s a clear-cut case of self-defense as per Texas Penal Code Section 9.32.

    A baseball bat *is* a deadly weapon if wielded in the right manner, and a person would be justified in shooting someone who is wielding one with intent to harm them. Further justification of the “reasonableness” of the shooting is available under 9.32(b)(1)(A), which refers to someone who has used force to enter your place of residence.

    Unless and until I hear anything to contradict the facts as given in the case, this would seem to be a cut-and-dried case of justifiable homicide.

  • unknown

    @Aubrey Turner

    As you said Aubrey, the news constantly gets things wrong. I am telling you now, how the news describes it is not how it went down. Not even close. Derek was set up.

  • Doug Miller

    Let’s hope that if you have proof of your statement, that you have talked to the FWPD.

  • smith

    The police seem to not think that it is important to mention that the roommate of the murderer is going to trial for importing hardcore drugs into the us from amsterdam is large amounts. The police only seem to care about what the gun man says and not what actually happened. There is someone out there who knows the truth but the police seem to not care.

  • Doug Miller

    smith, I would suggest emailing that information to the Star Telegram reporter.

    I’ll reach out to the FWPD Monday and see what they have to say about your statement about the roomate, but I carry a whole lot less weight than a Star Telegram reporter asking the same questions.

  • Another Unknown

    “Your (sic) in Keller and not going to get shot”

    Sadly, one can get shot anywhere, and thankfully vicious crimes in Keller are quite rare.

    That being said, the property where the shooting occurred, and Central School itself, is not in Keller, it is Fort Worth.

  • Aubrey Turner

    I’ll await more info, but note that the roommate’s drug entanglements don’t necessarily preclude legitimate self-defense on the part of the shooter.

    Those of you claiming that you know what happened or that there are witnesses, have you taken this info to FWPD?

  • Unknown

    I know what happened.

  • Austin

    @ aubrey turner
    If you came up to me with a bat,And i had a shot gun
    who do you think would win?
    I dont care what you say you cannot justify shooting someone in the face with a shotgun because he had a bat.
    Mabey you could call it self-defence if he shot him in the leg.
    But no,Hes just needed an excuse to kill derek.
    I knew derek very personally and i knew sam as well,And i can tell you that sam didnt give a crap whether derek had that bat or not
    He still would have shot him
    but now no justice is coming and thats the hardest part about it.

  • Laura

    IF SOMEONE…ANYONE! Breaks into my house ARMED or NOT. I have the right to defend MY HOME OR MY FAMILY OR MYSELF!!! As did Sam. WHY would Derek break in , if not for a negative intent??? Ask yourself… You think the cops can not tell when something has been staged? Wake up people. You break into peoples homes you take the chance of not walking out!!!

  • Aubrey Turner


    You said, “I dont care what you say you cannot justify shooting someone in the face with a shotgun because he had a bat.”

    Wrong. A bat IS A DEADLY WEAPON and a person is justified in using deadly force to defend him or herself against the deadly force being wielded by the bat holder. If someone bursts into my living room and threatens me with an aluminum baseball bat I WILL SHOOT HIM and I will be justified in doing so.

    Shooting people in the leg is for the movies.

    As for any previous animus between the shooter and Splawn, I will await evidence of such. Regardless, though, I can’t think of any situation that would justify Splawn’s actions with the bat.

  • i live really close.

    ok, so i agree with aubrey.
    derek should have never once forced entry into their apt.
    that was his first mistake.
    his second mistake was carrying a baseball bat along.
    anyone in their right mind would not allow a mad teen with a baseball bat inside their home.
    i understand that death is hard, ive been through it many times; but the only person to blame is the victim.
    i have children and i guarantee you that someone with a baseball would make me feel very threatened. the man in the apt has every right to protect his home, belongings, and life.

  • a parent

    @ Aubrey & Laura

    There is so much more to this situation than you will ever know. I knew Derek very well and I knew Sam (and have seen his temper) – he is a time bomb waiting to explode and apparently that happened 2 weeks ago. Sam & Derek knew each other and Sam knew why Derek was so angry – partly for busted out his friends windows amongst other things. If Sam and his roommate Roman were so fearful for their lives when Derek was banging on the door, why didn’t they call the cops (like most people)……..Oooooh maybe because there were drugs in their place……! As Austin had stated – to shoot someone at fairly close range (these apartments weren’t huge) in the FACE – with a SHOTGUN – is a brutal and violent act. The bat that Derek was carrying was more to protect himself from Sam & Roman but to also show Sam he was serious about what he had done. Derek is not (was not) capable for killing anyone.

    I pray everyday that both Roman & Sam are off our streets and where they belong – behind bars! They think they are sooooo tough – let’s just see who’s ‘wife’ they become in jail. Derek was angry – he didn’t deserve to die.

    What happened to settling arguments with a fist fight! Sad that an 18/19 yr old feels the need to have a shotgun handy.

  • Aubrey Turner

    I keep hearing that “there’s so much more than you will ever know.” Frankly, that’s all noise. When you boil it all down, the relevant facts appear to be that one teenager took a bat and broke into the apartment of another teenager and the second responded in defense of his life. *Legal* defense of his life, I might add.

    Those who are interested in further contemplations on self-defense and the alleged “disparity” of weapons involved can follow the link in my name to my blog where I have a posting on this topic. Those who are not might still be enlightened by googling the term “Tueller Drill.”

    I see nothing to be gained from further rehashing of the topic in this thread with the present participants.

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