Swine Flu Good for Traffic

See what I get, I take a nearly two week break from blogging, and then come back with a flurry posting everything I can get my hands on about Swine Flu…..and traffic goes through the roof.  This will officially be the busiest day ever on the blog.  If you are new here, take a look around.  We deal with more than just Swine Flu 24/7, but just in case the world is ending, we will bring it to you live.

You wanna know how people are getting here?  Google and Yahoo searches for Keller ISD Swine Flu……think there are a few parents out there wondering what is going on?  Everybody stay safe, and wear those masks and rubber gloves.  I think I’ll go home now and consume some adult beverages to make sure the alcohol kills all the germs.  What?  That doesn’t work?  Well, I’ll still try.


2 responses to “Swine Flu Good for Traffic

  • Big Bob


    Let’s go to the Ranger game Friday night, They don’t seemed fazed what-so-ever by this, but then again with their lack luster attendance there may be nothing to catch!

  • Doug Miller

    Bob, the dreaded White Sox are in town. Might just take you up on your offer. Give me a call

    two one four 215-zero eight seven zero

    I’m headed to Chicago next weekend to watch the Rangers play the Sox in what they try to call a ballpark.

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