Swine Flu Getting Serious

Keller Baseball made the playoffs for the 8th straight year the other night, but it looks like it will be awhile before the Indians play again

Cleburne School District (Just south of Ft. Worth) has closed for the week.

UPDATE:  The UIL, in all their wisdom has released the Baseball Playoff Schedule:

District Certification                                May 19  
  Bi District Deadline                               May 23  (1 game or 2 out of 3)  
  Area Deadline                                         May 26 (1 game only)  
  Regional Quarterfinal Deadline       May 30  (1 game or 2 out of 3)  
  Regional Semifinal Deadline             June 2 (1 game only)  
  Regional Final Deadline                     June 6  (1 game or 2 out of 3)  
  State Tournament                                 June 10-13 

Couple of thoughts, if this was Football, would they be doing this?  Secondly, why are they just postponing UIL events, why not close down the schools if there is such danger.  And Third,  changing the playoff rounds to one game is going to give the teams with an ace the advantage.  I haven’t decided if this is good or bad for the Indians.  My initial thought would be bad, because every year Coach Stramp always has a few cards up his sleeve come playoff time.

UPDATE #2:  A troublmaking reader emails;  “If they can postpone baseball games, why aren’t they postponing the School Board Election?”  (ed – that’s a joke folks, you can quit emailing me about it)

UPDATE #3:  Shannon just text messaged me at work and said all Ft. Worth School are being closed.


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