Keller ISD’s Swine Flu Plan

From Shellie Johnson from KISD:

Yes – Keller ISD definitely has a plan. We have a pandemic influenza plan that is part of the district’s overall Emergency Operations Plan. The decision to keep a campus open or to close it – is made on a case by case basis and in conjunction with the recommendation of the Tarrant County Health department. The district’s proactive efforts include: using Triad disinfectant to clean all “touch surfaces,” (backs of chairs, door knobs, drawer pulls, water fountains, sinks, soap dispensers, etc.) everyday until further notice. Our buses are elevating their cleaning efforts – moping floors of buses and wiping down seats, windows, and sides of buses everyday until further notice. Our indoor air quality technicians are increasing the HVAC systems – even though it may cost a little more – the technicians are increasing the ventilation in all school buildings – pulling out contaminated air. KISD’s Environmental Quality Team (EQT) is working with nurses – EQT consists of the indoor Air Quality Technician, Energy Management Technician, Pest Control Technician, and a trainer. If a campus were to close during TAKS we would take our direction from TEA. All district nurses have activated the communication chain. If a child is sick the campus nurse notifies the principal and Cindy Harton, Director of Health Services. Cindy contacts the Tarrant County Health Department, Executive Directors and the Communications department. The symptoms may include any of the following:
Body aches


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