Swine Flu Takes Over the Newscycle

Yes, it has officially become a Pandemic to the News Cycle, especially here at BeyondRightField.

It seems a Richardson School has a confirmed case of Swine Flu, and has shut down for the time being. 

I have sent some questions over to Shellie Johnson at KISD and I’ll post up when I get a response.  One of the questions I sent her came from a concerned reader, asking about whether or not the district is going to be proactive looking for sick kids.  The reader also brought up a point I hadn’t thought of, it’s TAKS week, and districts will get punished if a certain number of minority groups are missing from school during testing.  The question was whether the state has taken any action on that front.

Also remember that early voting begins today for the School Board Races, make sure you vote and vote often.


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