USAA Can Kiss My ….

Just found out that USAA raised my homeowners deductable to 2% from 1%, they said they notified me, but I didn’t see it……it’s gonna cost me two grand more than I wasn’t counting on.  This may be the last straw for them as they significantly raised my auto insurance rate without being able to tell me why.


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  • Big Bob

    I don’t think a lot of homeowners are aware of this with their insurance company’s. My neighbor got a wake-up call just like you and his 2% netted a $7935 deductable! To go back to your post a few weeks ago about the hail storm being an econocmic stimulus to the local economy……not for sure if that will be the case at hand with the enormouse out of pocket cost to the homeowner. Those who have to fork out this amount of money will have to cut back on other thing to cover a good portion of their deductable – – albeit some of these roofing company’s will help you with some of you deductable – but with that a will note that the buyer be aware.

  • Randy Rasp

    About two 2-3 years ago, State Farm quit writing 1% deductible policies in Texas.

    However, I just refinanced our home in December and when I talked to my agent about the new lien holder, he informed me that they are doing the 1% policies again and wanted to know if I wanted to change over.

    This was BEFORE the hail storm this month, so you mileage may vary.

  • Jim Carson

    I hope we’re talking about hail damage as an economic stimulus with tongues firmly implanted in cheek.

    Insurance is supposed to be only for those negative events that we cannot well predict and that would cause us financial ruin if uninsured. Sadly, though, modern insurance just fosters our pathetic drone entitlement mentality.

    I was sick to my stomach the day my neighbor told me of how he didn’t think his roof was all that damaged, but how the roofing estimator said he could make the claim for a total roof replacement, and how the insurance agent said “yea, probably” and how “everybody does it.”

    Well everybody does NOT do it. Some of us would rather have rain inside our houses than stoop to this sleaze. But some of us are a vanishing minority.

    The idiotic things believed by my countrymen just depress me. I have come to hate the Snow’s, the Millers-elder, my own goddaughter and many others for their gullible destruction of achievement and enterprise.

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