Into Cash

I decided to lock what little profits I had in the market (more than I’ve made in the CD’s I have this year) and get into cash for next week.  Too much sentiment that the market may take another leg down in the next week or two.  Plus, figured out this year I’ve made more money intraday than holding for longer periods of time.  My broker loves me though.


4 responses to “Into Cash

  • Randy Rasp

    Well after just 90 minutes of trading, it looks like you made the right call!

  • Doug Miller

    I actually went short at the open, but got out too soon, didn’t think it would retrace this far this fast.

  • Mike

    Wish I would of closed some winning positions out too. I went long recently on F, BAC, and TXT, Too greedy I guess….Still ahead, but could of been so much better off

  • Doug Miller

    Mike, Ford is on a roll, too bad I sold mine a week early. Still got a huge gain out of it though.

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