Guess I Made the Bigtime

I was out of the office yesterday due to the fact that I had to get a bunch of dental work done, and in my email box was this message from Tom Hicks’ PR Firm:

Statement from Thomas O. Hicks


(Dallas, TX April 14, 2009)  “You may have read yet another news story about the current situation involving HSG’s efforts to renegotiate their loans. This time the story appeared in the Wall Street Journal. There is nothing new in this story. As has been previously reported, HSG missed its most recent quarterly interest payment. As a result of that payment default, HSG’s lenders have now sent the expected and normal default notices to HSG. But nothing has changed at the baseball and hockey clubs while the negotiations continue at the HSG level. Both Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League have strong protections for their franchises when discussions such as these are underway. These are complex negotiations and there are some very smart people working on them. As an owner and lender to HSG, I am working to negotiate something that will make economic sense going forward for me, HSG and its lenders. The current situation simply does not make economic sense. As these negotiations progress I will keep you posted.”

Media Contacts:


Lisa LeMaster

Rick Ericson

The LeMaster Group

(214) 706-6000


Mark A. Semer

Kekst and Company

(212) 521-4802


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