Big Bob Rally brings me in the black

Thanks to Google, Ford and some heavy options and futures trading over the last two months, the Big Bob Rally has brought my portfolio in the black for the first time this year.  I do have a lot of risk tomorrow as GE reports it’s earning and my position  in that slug of a company are over 50% of my holdings.  Yeah, it’s a long story about selling puts against GE when I thought it had some more upside at $16, too bad it dropped to $6 and in the process my position size grew out of proportion.  Hopefully GE lies a little and gives the street a good feeling in the morning, otherwise I’m back in the red.

I was in cash last fall during the huge downturn, actually making a small profit for the worst year in Wall Street, but  I jumped back in with one foot around Thanksgiving and in with both feet in January.  In March when the S&P hit 666, I was looking for a window to jump out of.  Hopefully Big Bob can do some funky dance tonight and the S&P heads on up to 900 tomorrow.

By the way Bob, I owe you a beer or three soon.


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