Skateboard Park

When my wife was on Parks and Rec there was a big push for a skateboard park in Keller.  Former Mayor Julie Tandy was a big force behind the push and until the bids came in, it looked like it would be built.  The City and Designer couldn’t come up with a plan that would meet the budget of about $350,000 and the project ended up dead.  With the renewed interest in the park, I asked Parks and Rec Director Dona Roth Kinney her thoughts on the project yesterday.  She stated that in the last survey that her department did, the skateboard park didn’t even show up on the list of citizen demands.  She did say that the park remained in the City’s Park Master Plan, and the site is still set aside over by the Pointe, but at this time and with the budget constraints due to the economy, she doesn’t see a skateboard park being built in the near future.


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