No Woman, No Cry

I saw Bob Marley in Kaiserslautern Germany in the summer of 1980 about 11 months before he died of cancer and it’s still one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen.  He was playing at a huge soccer stadium there at an open air concert where the headliner was Fleetwood Mac along with the Food Band and Dave Edmond’s Rockpile. 

The Kaiserlautern area at the time was home to over a half million Americans and while the crowd had a significant number them in the crowd, it was the Germans that came to see Bob Marley play.  Even though he wasn’t the main act, he rocked the house and made a huge impression on a 14 year old kid.  My buddy and I actually went to the concert to see Rockpile but came away wearing Bob Marley shirts and he has had a place in my playlist ever since.


5 responses to “No Woman, No Cry

  • Paul thomas

    I was at that concert! Still got my ticket. You are right – he was the stand-out act and I remember feeling that Fleetwood Mac, as good as they were/are, were an anti-climax after the energy and excitement of Bob Marley and the Wailers.

  • Stephan

    You’re right. It was a wonderful Marley concert. And people were happy:

  • marc manuel

    I was at the concert also. I was finishing up a 2 year stint stationed at V Corps in Frankfurt. Bob and the Wailers were definitely the stars of the show. I remember Fleetwood Mac starting to play with Mick overdoing on the drums. We all headed back to our buses to wait for the ride back to Frankfurt. I will never forget this concert.

  • Chrys

    I was there too! I was stationed at the 32d AADCOM NCO Academy in Landstuhl. We went to see The Mac – but after Bob Marley & the Wailers, we LEFT. Just couldn’t relate to that empty pop sound after the amazing Wailers poured out their souls. EVERYONE was high from the vibes (and oh, those huge spliffs they were all smoking) and the spirituality of Bob and his band. It has to rank at close to the top of the best concerts I’ve ever attended. He knew he was leaving this earth soon; he looked incredibly beautiful. Wow. Thanks for the memory!

  • Chrys

    Just checked Stephan’s photos. I’m glad I wasn’t in any of them. I was ripped that day. All of you who were there in those days know what we did along with the finest beer in the world. You could obtain a panopoly of pharmaceuticals at any German “apothecary” or whatever it was called. I saw a tv special on Bob Marley today (could not understand one word he said except “rastaman”) so I was googling to see if anyone else saw him in K-Town in 1980 – and for sure, some did! Wow.

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