Coach Rob Stramp

The Citizen has a good article today about Keller High Baseball Coach Rob Stramp and his relationship with his baseball playing sons.  As most readers know, my son played for Coach Stramp for three years and was in his program for four and during those four years the longest conversation that I ever had with him was “Good game coach”.  Since my son has graduated, I’ve had a few conversations with Coach and I must say his personality is completely different than his on field persona.  He’s a very down to earth guy and a great coach in my opinion.  He can get more out of players than any other baseball coach I’ve witnessed at that level. 

He is also probably the most successful coach of any sport currently employed by KISD. 

But back to the article.  My son played with Coach Stramp’s older son Will, an amazingly talented player.  You could feel the tension at times in the dugout between the coach and his son and am glad to see that he learned from the experiences and allowed Wade a little easier time coping with playing in the high stakes world of 5-5A Baseball.  Will and his little brother Wade are very good baseball players and KHS is lucky to have them.


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