Sunday Night Quick Hits

Pat Green put on a great show Friday night after qualifying and what a beautiful night it turned out to be.  Saturday’s race was a snoozer, kind of glad I begged out to move my boat from one slip to another at Lake Lewisville.  Sunday’s race was boring until the last 30 laps, and my most hated driver drove to Victory Lane, thrilling my wife in the process.  The only redeeming quality that Jeff Gordon has in my book is his hot wife.

I will say that TMS has come a long way from the first few races, I was at my house in Keller 35 minutes after the end of the race, even making a stop in Trophey Club to pick up our daughter.  It helps when you have PSL parking, but even still, the first couple of races I was afraid I was going to run out of Diesel before I got anywhere close to home.

It appears that Encana has requested to table their PD Amendments for the Gas Well sites in North Keller until a date uncertain.  It sounds as though the City Council will continue to have the Public Hearings on Tuesday, so please take the time to show up as who knows if they will reopen them when they come up again.  I have my thoughts on why they are asking for them to be tabled, but I’ll save that for a post after the City Council Meeting. 

Some things I came across catching up on news I missed over the weekend:

  • CNN circa 2004:  Rampant fraud in the mortgage industry has increased so sharply that the FBI warned Friday of an “epidemic” of financial crimes which, if not curtailed, could become “the next S&L crisis”
  • Why Turbo Tax Timmy was a bad pick to head Treasury
  • And his buddy Larry Summers is richer than everyone thought
  • Why this mess is all Alan Greenspan’s Fault
  • If you think Unemployment is bad here, take a look at the numbers coming out of Spain
  • Earnings Season begins this week with Alcoa reporting after the close on Tuesday.  It was during the last earnings season in January that broke the back of the rally we were having at the time, so it could get rocky again.
  • And of course, Barron’s came out this weekend with an article that strongly suggested buying Corning (GLW) after I sold mine on Friday.  Sure, my target was hit and as I look back at the trade I did everything right, but watch as GLW will take a big jump Monday morning.

Meanwhile, my 2008 taxes aren’t done and the Rangers open the season tomorrow, so I don’t know how much I will be blogging this week.


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