Roofing Contractor Stimulus Package

God created his own stimulus package tonight, hope everybody made it through with as little damage as possible. 

Heard some reports on TV that there was baseball sized hail in North Keller.  We got some large golfball sized.

Scared the living crap out of me, didn’t have the TV on and didn’t know it was coming.


5 responses to “Roofing Contractor Stimulus Package

  • Big Bob

    My company vehicle that sits out in the driveway has a few hail dents/dings. I’m afraid to check my roof!

  • Randy Rasp

    My wife was parked at Blue Sky Soccer last night. She thought she did not have any damage but when she pulled it out into the daylight this morning, she found 10-12 good sized dents.

    We had a lot of marble sized hail with a few pieces of golf ball sized mixed in at the house off of Willis Lane. I guess I will ask someone to check the roof.

    My wife did notice THREE roofing companies in the Chase Oaks subdivision already this morning.

  • Big Bob

    I think many people may not be aware but on their home owners insurance policy the deductible for wind or hail is 1% of their insured value of their home. For me it is just right at $4,000.00 out of pocket deductible! That is kind of a reverse stimulus package for me!

    If that isn’t enough to wake you up how about every Tom, Dick and Harry who puts a magetic sign on their vehicle totting their are a roofing company!! I wish the city would enforce their sign ordinance with these “roofing companies” who are putting their signs on every corner in the right-a-ways.

  • Jay

    I live here in keller and work for a roofing company out of southlake. Ill check your roof for you, for free of course.

  • Randy Rasp

    My State Farm agent sent his “go to roofer” out to check our house and he said our’s was ok.

    After all of the rain we got this weekend, I have small piles of sand by all our my downspouts.

    I have no doubt the hail did “something” to our roof, but I don’t know if I should trust our agent’s roofer.

    To be honest, I bet I could count on one hand the number of very large pieces of hail we got. I heard a few but the majority of it was pea-sized.

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