When Does an Election Result Expire?

 Before my time in Keller, there was a brutal fight amongst the citizens about 1709 to the point where the City called an election to decide the issue.  Randy Leake sends an email exchange between himself and the Mayor and City Staff in regards to the median expansion of 1709 and why TxDOT now believes that they can override an election by the people, even if it was in 1993.  Randy’s key point is:

What about the binding election issue?? If you go back to the minutes of the  council meeting when the election wording  was voted on I think you will also find the explanation from then City Attorney Carter Hampton and City Manager Alan Bogard that since it was a binding election that the design could not be changed. That was the intent of calling the election by the council and was the understanding going before the voters at that time.

Randy is a former City Councilman from way back in the day, and I appreciate him staying on top of this issue.  As I said, it was way before my time in Keller and am glad to see that those that were here deciding the issues at the time are still involved in the process.


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