FiOS Installed Today

Yes, the Verizon guy showed up today and installed the internet and TV Service and we are in line to get the home telephone service once they get the bugs worked out.  Seems that I am an early install as the guy asked if we were employees because they aren’t doing regular customers until next month.  Maybe somebody out there pushed this up for me, and if so….thank you so much.  Now I get to call Charter and tell them to take their service and shove it!!  Been waiting since 1987 to be able to do that!


3 responses to “FiOS Installed Today

  • Randy Rasp

    Now that you’ve had the weekend to play with Fios, what do you think of it?

    They laid the glass in our neighborhood about the same time as yours, so our day is coming soon!!

  • Doug Miller


    Internet is faster, TV is better… it so far.

    There is some lag in changing the HD channels

  • Randy Rasp

    Sounds great. I can’t wait!!

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